Taking Action with VibrantPHX

Our last event was successful. We engaged in some great conversations about how we, as a community, can take the lead on changing perceptions about Arizona based on the great assets we have. We heard a great story about how the AZ Scitech Festival is already attracting new investment and we confronted the fact that we need to do more in creating a place for tech companies to thrive. We will continue to move forward in our work to shift the thinking among leaders in business, government and community to cultivate a rich economic environment that benefits everyone.

The energy and talent of the group present was motivating. Out of the discussion we selected two areas where we can begin to make a difference. The first takes on the concept of land reuse and the need to redevelop neighborhoods with vacant shopping centers and bring them back to life in a new way. The second is about telling personal stories of why our state is the best place to be through a video project called, “WhyPHX.”

Now you can join the action with VibrantPHX:

Vacant Spaces : vacantspaces@gangplankhq.com

Why Phoenix : whyphx@gangplankhq.com


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