An Abundance of Assets

The Vibrant PHX Project promotes ideas and actions that reflect our region’s abundance of assets and tells the stories of why our state is a hot place for cool people.

The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative at ASU’s Venture Catalyst is one of those remarkable assets that’s expanding our talent base and contributing to our economic growth.

Here’s a snapshot of what they’re all about and some highlights of their successful outcomes:

The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative provides funding, office space, and guidance to teams of students within all university disciplines. This accelerator gives student entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their innovative ideas and launch viable businesses.  As an integral program of ASU Venture Catalyst, students in the Edson Initiative have access to seasoned entrepreneurs, industry mentors, and other Catalyst programs that enable them to advance their enterprises.

Total number of startups funded to date: 144

FY12: 20

FY11: 26

FY05-10: 98

Total amount of allocated funding to date: $1.4M

FY12: $200,000

FY11: $244,000

FY05-10: $956,000

 Edson 2.0 Highlights (FY11 and FY12 Cohorts):

  • Eleven companies are generating revenue (two will generate over $200K in 2012) with an additional four due to start producing revenue in the coming months.
  • To date, 20 full or part time jobs have been created.
  • Among the 170 founding team members all ASU campuses and colleges/schools are represented.
  • Fifteen percent of all founding team members are female.
  • Eight unique business sectors are represented (clean tech & sustainability, consumer products, internet & technology, medical, military & defense, more-than-profit, retail, and service).

 Edson 2.0 Venture-Backed Companies:

  • Endless Entertainment
  • Seymour Innovative
  • KVZ Sports
  • AlphaStripe
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