VibrantPHX Updates


The next VibrantPHX Unconference will be Thursday, June 13th,
8:00am – 12:00pm at Chandler City Hall

“Using Our Freedom Towards Progress”

 This open space event enables you to be active in topic discussions and be a part of creating collaborative workgroups and solutions.

Featured Speakers

State Senator, Bob Worsley
Technology Entrepreneur, Scott Salkin
Facilitator, Tech Titan and Co-Founder of Gangplank, Derek Neighbors

The convening question – “How do we elevate Arizona’s reputation by building pride and optimism?”

Register now at

We’ll also be taping a montage for the WhyPHX Channel -courtesy of View from Above Entertainment.

Our WhyPHX Channel on YouTube is adding videos. Here’s your opportunity to share your story of why the Phoenix-Metro area is a hot place for cool people. 

For more information contact us at

See the channel here

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