Next Actions

Find a way to get involved.  Review the ideas, next steps and discussions that people want to carry forward.  Add yourself to the discussion by contacting them directly.

Top Ideas of the Day
After a long day of conversation, participants were asked to put a single idea on a card.  The cards were randomly passed around and voted on several times.  The top ideas were then presented.  These are the ideas that rose to the top.
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Actionable ideas from Open Space Breakout Group Discussions
Each break out session was asked to bring back three actionable ideas.  Here are the ideas that arose  from those break out sessions.
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Open Space Breakout Group Discussion Topics to Carry Forward
Several discussions needed more depth and were identified as topics that needed to be carry forwarded for success.  Those topics are found here.
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You can download final report in it’s entirety as a pdf, click here: Vibrant Phx Website Report

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