Actionable Ideas

Actionable ideas from Open Space Breakout Group Discussions
Each break out session was asked to bring back three actionable ideas.  Here are the ideas that arose  from those break out sessions.

Please contact the leader if you want to carry the idea forward.  If you want to volunteer as a leader please contact Derek Neighbors.

1. Connectivity of organizations for leaders to share ideas & build relations

Leader(s): Michael Gallaugher
Participants: Troy Peterson, Diane Landis, Kim Kressaty, Derek Neighbors, Emily Ransone, Bob Denton, Jhenifer Krutz

2. Create a campaign to communicate AZ’s natural assets using a metrics of tangible open space & economic measurables (eg. Municipal investments in place & planned – Engage public in “why I love AZ” competition)

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Michelle Kelley

2. Establish more urban forests and shade – through design & creativity – buildings & landscape.  Utilize existing economic development tools & the state revitalization district to promote green business and industry state wide.

Leader(s): Diane Brossart
Participants: Emily Ransone

3. Attract companies and talent we want. (see report for details)

Leader(s): Bob Denton
Participants: Diane Landis, Georgia Lord

4.  Set a vision & get electeds on board.  Gov’t is a leader

Leader(s): Derek Neighbors
Participants: Jade Meskill

5.  Play up your authentic places – make it unique

Leader(s): Teri Killgore
Participants: Brenda Bernardi, Mike Medici

6.  Recognize & understand what our strengths & competitive advantages are. Become more effective at translating that into opportunity.

Leader(s): Troy Peterson
Participants: Needs Supporters

7.  Have pride in what we (AZ) have, what we do well, what we have accomplished. Celebrate it in a sustainable manner so that it refines AZ identity and drives opportunity.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Raoul E.

8.  Recruit quality workforce by creating a strong “people oriented” sense of community.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Michelle Kelly, Donnie Lucius, Michael Gallaugher, Mike Medici, Emily Ransone, Derek Neighbors

9.  Mission Matching.  Get organizations to work collaboratively.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Raoul E.

10.  Teach new knowledge instead of old knowledge

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Ben Wood-Isenberg

See report for additional action items that did not have leadership or sponsorship support.

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