Top Ideas

Top Ideas of the Day
After a long day of conversation, participants were asked to put a single idea on a card.  The cards were randomly passed around and voted on several times.  The top ideas were then presented.  These are the ideas that rose to the top.

Please contact the leader if you want to carry the idea forward.  If you want to volunteer as a leader please contact Derek Neighbors.

1. Put schools oversight under the authority of the municipality in which they are housed – attach to economic development

Leader(s): Mary Wolf-Francis
Participants: looking for supporters

2. Develop a language that supports the values of a changing world of work/worker

Leader(s): Al Ward
Participants: Mary Zimmerman

3. Stop beating ourselves up. Arizona has a lot going for us and we can attract and retain the best talent

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Bill Andres, David Bentler, Donnie Lucius, Beth Scanaro, Angela Talbot

4. Bridge education gap by bringing business and education together

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Jim Rives, Sherri Koshiol, Tamara Caraway, Troy Peterson

5. Educating children for the future not the past. The world has changed and continuing to educate the same way will stifle the future.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Mike Hawksworth

6. Create communities for conversations that matter (such as this one)

Leader(s):Jade Meskill, Jeanne Leckie, Lori Quan
Participants: Brenda Bernardi, Donnie Lucius, Beth Scarano, Michael Gallaugher, Mary Zimmerman, Sammi Corless

7. Continue the collaboration that was started here today to foster an environment that will attract, grow, and retain young creative talent & then engage these same people into the collaborative conversations making it cyclical.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Charlie Vierhout

8. Create a culture of innovation in schools that is supported by cities and state government

Leader(s): Charlie Vierhout
Participants: Ben Wood-Isenberg, Donnie Lucius, Mike Hawksworth, Jeanne Leckie, Mary Wolf-Francis, Kim Kressaty, Lori Quan, John Miller

9. Create a physical environment where people interact & create a community of caring, engaging citizens.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Angela Talbot, Sean McGuinness, Sammi Curless, Jade Meskill

10. Someone needs to take very seriously the task of eliminating term limitation.

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Needs Support

10. Remove Chamber, replace w/ talent centers and align w/ innovation that is politically neutral to drive our existing economic policy as a state

Leader(s): Needs Leadership
Participants: Needs Support

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